Earl Grey Tea Scented Soy Wax Jar Candle - Tea Collection - Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea essential oil blend soy wax vegan candle, hand poured in a stylish glass jar with approximately 60 hour burn time.

Celebrating the British tradition of tea drinking, this collection is based on our favourite teas. A simple cup of tea can bring joy to a busy day and you will find these scents just as restorative as a good brew.

Tea and citrusy bergamot combine for a light, restorative scent. This scent will soothe and renew, making it the perfect living space candle.

The simplicity of the glass jar enhances the warm glow as you burn your candle and will fit seamlessly within any decor.

Artful packaging, a kraft brown luxury box with recycled tissue paper and twine, makes the candle ready for gifting.

Perfect for the eco-conscious home owner; all ingredients are sustainably sourced, packaging is made form recycled paper, and packaging and jar are recyclable.

Included with your purchase is a burning guide to help you get the most enjoyment from your new candle. Once the candle has been fully used you can wash out the remaining wax with warm soapy water and you have a beautiful jar to use as you wish.

Soy wax gives a longer and cleaner burn compared to paraffin wax as it burns at a cooler temperature. Essential oils ensure the candles have a fantastic throw so they will continue to make your home smell amazing from day one onwards.

Dimensions -
H9 x D6.6cm, approximately 200ml