The Wilton Street Craft Co. is a Manchester based purveyor of beautifully handcrafted vegan candles, led by Emma and her trusty sausage dog, Lady.

We do candles differently.
We give you unique scents. 
We believe in high quality.
We only use ethically sourced ingredients.
We value the environment.
We take care of 'me time'. 
We also just happen to be vegan. 

Using soy wax, essential oils, cotton wicks and absolutely no additives we can give you a candle suitable for vegans and everyone else who shares our values.

All our candles are hand poured in small batches of 9-10, everything from wicking, to pouring, to labelling is done with the utmost attention, care and love; with Lady providing quality assurance. As specialists in scent we do all the blending ourselves using only essential oils. We take inspiration from the world around us, favourite drinks, amazing travels, nature and favourite, nostalgic smells. You'll find all our packaging is made from recycled paper and is recyclable, even our glass jars can be washed out and repurposed. 


The Wilton Street Craft Co. was born out of adversity and serendipity. Emma is a qualified doctor who become unwell with depression and was no longer able to keep well working in that profession. Turning to her other passions, namely creativity, nice smells, and getting a bit messy, she discovered a talent as a mixologist of scents. Having always had a love for candles it was a natural progression into candle making. Bringing with her a precision and attention to detail from her work as a doctor, a keen nose for a good scent, and a commitment to eco friendly, high quality ingredients, she created a range of scented candles bearing the logo of her business partner and best friend, Lady.


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