3 Handmade Vegan Candles To Scent Your Summer.

3 handmade vegan candles to scent your summer.

The sunny weather is upon us, who knows if it will last a day or a week but one thing is for sure, with these scents you can feel full of sunshine all summer long.

This is our pick of 3 fresh scents from our range of handmade scented candles. All have been blended with essential oils and soy wax for a perfectly natural candle to help you while away the barmy evenings. Light a zesty vegan candle to awaken your senses or perhaps you want a relaxing scented candle after a busy day. We’ve got the scents to your summer covered.

A Trio of Summer Scents

Lady Grey Tea
Bright bergamot and tranquil tea create a brilliant blend for the summertime. Like the tea itself, this scent is warming but zesty making it ideal to burn on summer mornings as the sun shines through your kitchen window.


Gin & Tonic

Who can resist a balmy summers evening with a refreshing G&T in hand? Sharp citrus rounded off by juniper, this soy wax candle is guaranteed to be burning long after the gin bottle is empty. (And won’t give you a hangover either!).


Fig & Cassis
Bring the aroma of the Mediterranean into your home with a burst of plump, purple figs and juicy blackberries. A compelling scent combination you’ll want to burn all summer long as you kick back and enjoy some holiday relaxation.


You’ll agree a candle doesn’t have to just be for the cooler months. There's nothing quite like a scent transporting you back to a fantastic summer memory. Choose a bright refreshing scent and you can burn a jar candle in a sunbathed room for a gorgeous sunny scent or light tea lights to create ambience at a late summer garden dinner.

As with all our products we bring you natural, even burning, long lasting candles made using the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. Our soy wax, vegan candles make the perfect addition to your eco-conscious home.

I was burning a Lady Grey Tea candle last night as I packed for a few days away. I’d love you to share your favourite summery scent with me.