August Scent Of The Month: Fig & Cassis

I’d known for a long time I wanted to create a scent with figs but fig isn’t an easy scent to work with. Like us it needs a friend, a scent buddy to show it off to it’s fullest. It needs the right friend though; you don’t want one too overbearing or one too saccharine (much like in real life). There, waiting in the wings, was blackcurrant, ready to take on a part that selflessly showcased the fig to it’s full potential whilst providing just the right amount of sweet. Individually they are both beautiful scents but together they are compelling, they are opulence, they are sophistication. They are comfort.


Warm summer’s evenings that stretch towards early autumn. That’s what our Fig & Cassis scented vegan candle was made for. The combination of fresh and fruity scent with a touch of comfort helps you to relax, rest, and restore body and mind.

Fig & Cassis launched amidst a hive of activity a year ago this month. It sold out within three days. I should have known then that it was going to remain a firm favourite in the collection.

August is peak season for plump purple figs and freshly foraged blackcurrants, bursting with flavour. I harnessed the scents of these fruits to bring you a fragrance that will remind you of blissful Mediterranean holidays. Remember sun kissed skin, wandering through markets of fresh, colourful produce and drinks on the terrace at sunset. Bring these memories alive in your home when you light Fig & Cassis. I tend to light Fig & Cassis in the living room, early evening as I enjoy a good book and the sun going down. If you’re a fan of our Sloe Gin scent or you know someone who is a Pomegranate Noir addict then Fig & Cassis will pleasantly surprise. It has the sweetness and sophistication of your favourites with an added depth brought by the figs.  


They say good thingscome to those who wait and this scent was very much worth waiting for. I look back now and feel it has always been in the collection, bringing freshness, comfort, and relaxation to balmy summers evenings.