Essential Oils An Introduction - Day 2 Vetiver Aromatherapy Awareness Week

14Oct17_Action-243jpgEssential Oil: Vetiver

Candle: Black Tea & Vetiver scented vegan candle

 Day 2 - opulent, alluring and sophisticated, what more could you want? 


What is the Latin name for Vetiver?

Andropogon muricatus


Where does Vetiver essential oil come from?

Vetiver comes from a type of scented, wild grass originally found in tropical areas of India and Sri Lanka. Traditional awnings and blinds in Calcutta were made out of vetiver grass, which was then sprinkled with water in hot weather to give out an exquisite scent. The essential oil is distilled from the roots by a lengthy and labour intensive process, making it an expensive, sought after oil.


What does Vetiver smell like?

Vetiver has an alluring aroma. It’s a dark, smoky and earthy fragrance popular in luxury men’s aftershave. You might not always recognise the scent of vetiver but you will know how it makes you feel. It evokes a sense of opulence. The scent can also feel quite addictive, you discover how much you like it and want more; that’s why when I smelled it I knew it needed to become a candle in our range and it blended so well with the aroma of my existing tea blend.


What are the properties of Vetiver essential oil?

It’s Indian name, meaning ‘Oil of Tranquillity’ expresses it character beautifully. Vetiver has great effect on the psyche and is deeply relaxing making it valuable for suffers of depression, anxiety or insomnia. A calming oil, it can help to settle nerves and relieve tension. It has a very balancing effect on the body and mind.



What rooms should I burn my Black Tea & Vetiver scented candle in?

Vetiver’s ability to balance and relax makes it a great candle to burn in your living room during the evening. The candle scent conjures up feelings of sophistication and luxury making it ideal to burn before having guests over for dinner. Alternatively it’s a great burn for your office or a place to focus and read as it will calm the mind and allow you to delve deeper into a good book.


Who enjoys a Black Tea & Vetiver scented candle?

If you like deep, heady scents then this is the candle for you. It’s powerful and alluring so once smelled, never forgotten. Black Tea & Vetiver is popular amongst those who like a masculine fragrance be that men, or women who prefer an earthy scent over a floral one.


Inspired by vetiver and want to get your hands, and noses, on the Black Tea & Vetiver candle?

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Each day during Aromatherapy Awareness Week I’ll share a new essential oil and scented candle with you and talk you through the benefits you’ll get on burning it. You can discover the origins of the essential oils, their beneficial properties, and how they are used to create the hand poured scented vegan candles you enjoy. As with all our scented vegan candles there are only three ingredients, soy wax, essential oils, and a cotton wick so I am really giving you and inside peak at one of the main ingredients of my making process this week.

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