Essential Oils An Introduction - Day 4 Rose


Essential Oil: Rose

Candle: Rose Grey Tea scented vegan candle

Day 4 - in need of soothing, look no further than the Queen of Flowers


What is the Latin name for Rose?

Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena 

Where does Rose essential oil come from?

Rose is a favourite flower of many countries and one I’m sure you’ll be familiar with. The oil from roses is mainly obtained from Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria and France. The rose was probably the first flower from which an essential oil was ever distilled, in 10thcentury Persia.


What does Rose smell like?

Traditionally called the ‘Queen of Flowers’ roses have a deep, sweet and flowery perfume. Rose can sometimes be the marmite of the scent world with many people telling me it reminds them of their Grandmother’s soap. However others fall deeply in love with the fragrance so it’s of no surprise it’s so popular in the perfume industry.


What are the properties of Rose essential oil?

Rose essential oil has a soothing effect on emotions; lifting the heart and easing nervous tension. Rose has long been associated as an aphrodisiac, dating back to Roman times.



What rooms should I burn my Rose Grey Tea scented candle in?

Well, it depends on what you hope to achieve. If you’re burning it for it’s aphrodisiac properties then burn it in the bedroom! Generally speaking though it’s mellowing and uplifting properties make it an excellent candle for the living room, hall way or bathroom.


Who enjoys a Rose Grey Tea scented candle?

Rose is typically a feminine scent and this is reflected in whom the Rose Grey Tea candle is popular amongst; women of all ages love it. If people like rose then they have fallen head over heels for the fragrance and adore it. By blending rose with Earl Grey Tea I have brought the rose scent to a new audience of converted rose fans. Think less old-fashioned soap and more modern afternoon tea in a secret, scented garden. 


Inspired by Rose and want to get your hands, and noses, on the Rose Grey Tea candle?

Shop Rose Grey Tea scented candles

Each day during Aromatherapy Awareness Week I’ll share a new essential oil and scented candle with you and talk you through the benefits you’ll get on burning it. You can discover the origins of the essential oils, their beneficial properties, and how they are used to create the hand poured scented vegan candles you enjoy. As with all our scented vegan candles there are only three ingredients, soy wax, essential oils, and a cotton wick so I am really giving you and inside peak at one of the main ingredients of my making process this week.

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