June Scent Of The Month: Gin & Tonic

Did you know that the Gin & Tonic scent was the very first scent I ever created?

There I was several years ago, having just mastered candle making, realising I had this whole potential for creating unique scents ahead of me. So where did I begin? With a gin of course! I am a self-confessed gin addict after all. There’s a lovely mid-century modern cabinet in my living room housing my ample gin collection. Unsurprisingly, a lot of my friends are also gin addicts so it got me thinking about alternative gin gifts I could give them. Right there the gin candle was born.

Being a gin connoisseur I had to do my research (cue pouring a gin) but I knew all gin starts with juniper and that was where I would start as well. Taking the traditional gin botanical I then considered garnishes and decided it needed a citrusy kick that’s so associated with gin. There were several variations before it was just right but then our original gin scent was born. Essential oils, inspired by gin & tonic, blended together to create the drink in a candle.  ‘Gin, in a candle?!’ is my favourite exclamation when anyone sees this scent is available, soon followed by their delight that the scent is exactly gin & tonic. That’ll be all that drinking/research I did!


Now we are in to the month of June who can resist a balmy summers evening with a refreshing G&T in hand? Sharp citrus rounded off by juniper, this soy wax candle is guaranteed to be burning long after the gin bottle is empty - and won’t give you a hangover either! It’s fresh and uplifting and perfect to burn whilst you sip a long cold drink and put the world to rights.

June is the month of World Gin Day as well! It’s like they know how much we like gin in all it’s forms. We will be joining in with World Gin Day celebrations by holding a special offer for all our gin scents – sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out. I've off to light my Gin & Tonic candle and have a little G&T, who's off to do the same?

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