May Scent of the Month : Tomato Leaf

The month of May and spring has definitely sprung.

The sunny weather last weekend turned attentions to gardens, plants and growing. I however am not that green-fingered, I try but it just all goes horribly wrong (I even managed to kill the type of houseplant the lady in the garden centred assured me was indestructible). Anyway, I digress.

Last Sunday I took my grow-your-own gifted friend to the local garden centre. We looked at everything from perennials, to herbs, to veg. She bought a glut of tomato plants and I knew, right then, that this month is going to be all about the Tomato Leaf candle. Even if you’re gardening skills are like mine you can still enjoy the scent of tomatoes, cut fresh from the vine. The scent is fresh and earthy, reminiscent of your grandparent’s greenhouse and an abundance of home grown tomatoes. Bring springtime indoors with a light, fresh sent to awaken your living space.


When I take this scent to local markets I love watching people’s faces when they take their first sniff of the scent. Alison, whom I met at Etsy Made Local in December last year was really taken by the scent, “I never knew I needed a tomato scented candle in my life, but I really do” - she went on to buy two! It’s definitely the hit scent you never thought about.


That’s not Tomato Leaf’s only amazing quality. It also makes an excellent kitchen candle. One of the properties of tomato leaf is that it’s an odour neutraliser, so rather than masking lingering smells of cabbage or fish, it cuts through them creating a lovely natural smelling kitchen again. I didn’t believe it when I first found out about it but it’s true, burn Tomato Leaf for one hour after cooking and bam, the proof is there.


So will you buy Tomato Leaf because you desire a green-fingered gene like me, or perhaps to remember your tomato-growing Granddad, or simply because you really need this scent in your life?