What Inspired The Tea Collection?

Allow me to tell you a story. A story of how I discovered tea.

It was 2005 and my boyfriend had travelled to the other side of the world to see his family. He’d been away a month. I know right now 4 weeks doesn’t seem so long, I have endless to do lists and a chock full diary, but as a love struck teenager in a fledgling relationship it Felt. Like. Forever.

A sunny Thursday lunchtime I found myself in a café ordering a pot of tea. Not such a strange thing to happen except I didn’t drink tea back then. But guess who drank bucket loads of the stuff? That’s right, my boyfriend. I had ordered the tea to find comfort and to try and stop madly missing him. The smell of the tea instantly made me feel closer to him than the 9000 miles between us. It’s crazy saying out loud that I breathed in deeply the smell of the tea. I really did though. I felt connected and a sense of togetherness (being a cash strapped student I also made damned sure I drank the tea, but that’s not the point).

What I’m saying is, tea holds a special place in my scent memory. 


I don’t for a second think I am the only person who feels this way. When I started blending scents the Earl Grey Tea was right there at the beginning (albeit slightly after the Gin & Tonic) and it continues to be a hit today. Who else loves a brew, makes a cuppa and feels comfort, or thinks tea is the elixir of life? This is why I delved deeper in to the world of tea to create The Tea Collection


Lady Grey Tea was a natural progression from Earl Grey. Like Earl Grey but with more zest. Bergamot blends with black tea to invigorate and awaken your senses. I love lighting this scent when I’m working or getting stuck into a good book because it really clears your mind and enlivens you whilst leaving you feeling relaxed. It is sunshine in a candle.

Black Tea & Vetiver came together in a very non-tea way. I first smelt vetiver in a tea free context; it’s a common scent in male cologne. It’s that alluring, sultry, sexy fragrance you’ll start to notice now I’ve told you about it if you didn’t know already. So as I’m playing around with different essential oils I realise that I have the most addictive, sophisticated scent I’ve ever created. I dared to blend vetiver with my signature Earl Grey Tea creation. The result, a distinctive scent I can’t stop burning but also cry as it comes to the end. I’m not the only one who feels this way either, my experienced testing tribe coz very, very excited about this one.

Rose Grey Tea is something that has been on my mind for a while, 6 years in fact. When I first moved to Manchester, long long before I had any idea I’d be blending scents for candles, I fell in love with this smell and committed it to my scent memory, where it kept popping up every now and again to tell me not to forget it. It all started with a pot of Rosey Grey Tea at Proper Tea in the city centre. Stunning to look at in a glass teapot but even better to smell. The rose buds combined with loose leaf Earl Grey Tea left a big impression on me. It’s not the scent of rose you don’t like – that over powering, artificial, scent from grandma’s soap draw (yes that’s in my scent memory too and makes me wary of most things rose). This is delicate, natural rose giving the black tea a comforting floral heart. I knew this had to be in the tea collection and I’m so very glad it is. If you haven’t had the pleasure you need to smell this (and drink the tea).


So what do you think? I’d love for you to share your stories of tea memories, don’t leave me hanging like I’m the only one. What’s your favourite tea scent? I don’t think this collection is complete by any means so your favourite could become a new addition to the tea family. There’s a whole world of tea out there to be explored.  

Right, now I’m off to put the kettle on.