Why Sox Wax?

Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature compared to paraffin wax resulting in a cleaner burn (less soot and nasties) and importantly a longer burn. You effectively get at least twice the burn time compared to a paraffin equivalent so you can enjoy your beautiful candle for a lot longer and get better value for money. 

Why Essential Oils?

We have had many enjoyable and fragrant hours perfecting the scent of our candles and we have found that essential oils give the best results. They carry the scent further and for longer. We feel there is no bigger candle disappointment as smelling something fabulous then taking it home to burn only to discover the scent has disappeared and you might as well have bought a non-scented candle! We vow to never let this happen with our candles. What you smell 'cold' is what you can enjoy when burning. 

Why Vegan Candles?

Why not? Our candles provide a beautifully scented product for all to enjoy. The essential oils we use are suitable for our vegan and vegetarian customers and are never tested on animals. The wicks are pre waxed using soy wax so there is no risk of any animal derivative sneaking into our candles. Just because a candle says soy does't always mean it's vegan. We go that extra mile to ensure you get the most honest and most natural product.

Why Vintage Glassware?

Where we can we use original vintage glassware because simply, it's beautiful. Rather than sitting in a box getting dusty we strive to give these gorgeous items a new and practical lease of life as candles. Every item is keenly inspected before we make our candles to ensure it is suitable. Can you use the glassware again once the candle has burned? Of course you can! We want you to be able to enjoy our products again and again and we believe in items being reused and newly loved. Either choose to have your glassware refilled or clean out the wax residue with warm soapy water (no chiseling out hard wax with soy!) and you have a lovely piece of glassware for storage or decoration.

Why Scented Candles?

Scents have transformative powers; in an instant they can take you back to a childhood memory, evoke a favourite holiday moment, or your 'happy' place. Emma also finds that her candles can also be particularly useful on the occasions when Lady produces less than nice smells (don't be fooled by her cute face, it's possible!). With a scented candle more of your senses can be engaged, your home will look and smell beautiful.

We believe our candle scents can fill a medium sized room nicely, whilst our minis are better suited on your work desk or or in smaller rooms (Emma always burns a mini when in her craft room). 

We have our permanent collection of scents but we also feature seasonal limited editions. Read more about our scents in our Scent Menu.

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