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Scented Soy Wax Vegan Candles 

Permanent Collection

 - Gin & Tonic

This was the first candle scent we ever created and is our original gin scent. Key gin botanicals are blended with citrus lime garnish to create the scent of your favourite tipple in a candle. A popular gift for a gin lover. 

 - Sloe Gin

Dusky Autumnal sloe berries give a subtle sweetness with just a hint of almond. The perfect scent to accompany a cosy night in. Launched September 2016 for the Gin Society Gin Festival at Manchester Cathedral.

 - Earl Grey Tea

Tea and citrusy bergamot combine for a light, restorative scent. This scent will soothe and renew, making it the perfect living space candle. A candle for tea lovers. A popular choice for a gift; a light, refreshing scent.

 - Tomato Leaf

A fresh, earthy fragrance, reminiscent of a greenhouse and abundance of home grown tomatoes. Tomato leaf has the power to cut through lingering food smells making it an excellent scent for the kitchen and gift for your favourite foodie.

 - Fig & Cassis

Plump figs and freshly forraged blackcurrants combine in a compelling, comforting scent that will add warmth and oppulence to any room. Relax, allowing the fig and cassis scent to enliven body and restore mind.

 - Lavender & Patchouli

Deep and heady, patchouli gives a great earthiness and woody notes to this blend whilst lavender provides clarity and promotes good sleep. Great for relaxation and ‘me time’.  

 - Winter Spice

Warming cinnamon, clove, ginger & nutmeg are combined with undertones of orange to transport you to a cosy winter evening by an open fire and the smell of fruit cake baking. Create a winter warmth and ambience for any room in your home.

 - Spiced Apple

Sweet apple and warm cinnamon create a nostalgic scent of home baking and eating warm apple pie. This welcome scent would be perfect in a hallway or living room.

 - Bay & Rosemary Wreath

Festive wreath favourites combine to create a warming, winter scent. Aromatic, and a symbol of peace, bay is complemented by invigorating rosemary. This herbal scent will bring fresh and spicy tones to any living space.

 - Eggnog

Spices cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla give a nod to the warmth of a festive tipple, conjuring memories of winter drinks by the fire. This scent is sweet but sophisticated and will create ambience in any room of your home.

Limited Edition

 - Gin & Tonic with Black Pepper

Take the classic G&T blend and give it a twist with a new garnish. Black peppercorns give a spicy end note to a familiar favourite. 

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